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  1. We  doubt this will happen :) but if you purchase a “Highflyer” product and are not satisfied with it. You are more than welcome to return it back within 7 days of having received the item.
  2. You are requested to bring back the item to our shop and you will receive store credit for the amount you have spent on your purchase.
  3. You may choose from our wide variety of luggage bags, backpacks, messenger bags, duffel bags etc.
  4. In case of having received an item with a manufacturing defect please let us know within 7-10 days of the purchase. In this case, return service from the courier and replacement charges will be born by us for all purchases.
  5. In case of warranty claims, the customer is required to bring down the item to our warehouse premises or shop location, whichever is more convenient and allow max upto 7 working days to repair or organize a replacement for the item in question
  6. Shipping is organized and managed by our trusted and efficient logistics partners and we strive to get you your order in the least amount of time and with the maximum ease. .

For all items above AED 99 (unless we’re feeling generous and it is mentioned on the specific item under AED 99)

Our extremely efficient logistic partners deliver to 99% of areas are UAE. If you fall under the remainder 1%, do not worry, we will notify you by email and figure it out.

Delivery time naturally varies depending on your location

Dubai – 3-4 working days

Sharjah – 3-4 working days

Abu-Dhabi – 4-5 working days

Other Emirates 5-6 working days

Once you place your order, all you need to do is relax. You will be notified via email what your tracking number is which you can then use to track your order from the courier company’s website.