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The Super-Tough Unbreakables (3 years)

Here is a list of items which we give 3 years warranty on! These items are build with the toughest of materials and designed in a way which has the maximum impact resistance. You can stand on these bags when empty (trust us, we’ve tried) and they will not budge.

(1) The Highflyer Rock Series

(2) The Highflyer Tank Series

(3) The Highflyer Printed Series (Premium: Cafe/Cassata/Destination)

(4) The Highflyer Sierra Series

The Tough Unbreakables (2 years)

Here is a list of our fastest selling items which we give 2 years  warranty on. These items again built with the best Polypropylene material which gives them a unique ability to be highly flexible. You may twist the bag and check for yourself, not a dent, not a scratch.

The Highflyer Kelvin Series

(1) The Highflyer Archie Series

(2) The Highflyer Sleek Series

(3) The Highflyer Waves Series

(4) The Highflyer Printed Series (Beach/ Black/Liberty)

The Unbreakables (1 year)

Here is a list of the  items we give a 1 year warranty on. These items too are highly flexible and the shell is protected under warranty against any sort of breakage.

(1) The Highflyer Marco Series

(2) The Highflyer Flexo Series

(3) The Highflyer Fort Series

(4) The Highflyer Stripes Series

(5) The Highflyer Elegante Series

(6) The Highflyer Printed Series (London/Eiffel/New York)

(7) The Highflyer Alpha Series

The Ultra-Lights  (3o days return policy)

ABS material has a very unique and highly desirable quality of being light. Something that every traveller looks for in his travel gear.

Another wonderful quality of it is the fact that its multi-purpose surface gives it an amazing shine along with being highly resistant to scratches.

(1) The Highflyer Curve Series

(2) The Highflyer Lineage Series

(3) The Highflyer Flash Series

(4) The Highflyer Scape Series

(5) The Highflyer Timber Series


Warranty covers any problems in the item caused  Against Malfunction Or Manufacturing Defect

Normal Wear And Tear And Damage By Airlines Is Not Covered In This Warranty.